Battery Powered String Trimmer (Cordless) (MOB1057) AVAILABLE

The 13-inch string trimmer has a lightweight design making it portable and easy to use around your yard. The auto-feed line head will automatically advance the line and no bumping is required. This trimmer is also equipped with a variable speed trigger so you can have more control around fences, masonry and other areas of your yard. With the press of a button the shaft rotates to an edger so you can quickly tackle your edging needs. The adjustable 11-inch to 13-inch cutting width allows you to optimize your trimmer for increased run time or a wider cut swath. 

  • Compatible with .065 and .080 trimmer line
  • String Trimmer: is compatible with .80 Auto-Feed Spool (AC80RL1, AC80RL3, AC80RL5)
Jointly funded by City of Richmond & Contra Costa County