Cutter Mattock (MOB1025) AVAILABLE

There is a mattock for all types of ground, however, it is important that you select the correct type of mattock and use the correct part of the head for the type of ground you are working on.

The adze should never be used on hard ground, rocks or for chopping roots. Instead, use a pick mattock pick for hard ground and rocks.

A cutter mattock axe should be used to cut roots in the ground.

The advantage of the cutter mattock is the fact it combines an axe blade and an adze on opposite sides of the tool. As such, you can use it to cut through items with brute force using the axe, and pry under objects or cut using the adze.  

The Collins Cutter Mattock features 36" double injected fiberglass handle with 2-1/2 lb drop forged, high carbon steel head. This Cutter Mattock can be used for house and road construction, farming, landscaping, utilities, and any other heavy duty application requiring concerted use of force.

  • Head Weight: 2-1/2 lb
  • Handle Length: 36"
  • Handle Material: Fiberglass
  • Product Type: Mattock
  • Head Material: High Carbon Steel
  • Head Type: Hoe/Cutter Blade
  • Heat-treated to ensure sharp cutting.
Jointly funded by City of Richmond & Contra Costa County