Pick Mattock (MOB1024) AVAILABLE

The pick mattock is a very handy tool that combines the pointed head of a pick on one end which can be used for breaking up ground that is compact, hard or rocky and an adze on the other end which can be used for cutting through roots or tilling and leveling soil.

A pick mattock is also useful for breaking and levering up slabs and paving.
Mattocks can be useful tools in building demolition as well.

Collins Heavy-Duty Garden Pick Mattock features 36" double injected fiberglass handle with 5 lb drop forged, high carbon steel head which is properly hardened and tempered. Ideal for hoeing in tight quarters or rocky soil. Can be used for house and road construction, farming, landscaping, utilities and any other heavy-duty application requiring concerted use of force.

A fiberglass double injected handle with over strike protect for easy gripping, control and comfort.

Overall Length: 36 Inches

Jointly funded by City of Richmond & Contra Costa County